About J.N. Ottery

So, where to begin. Lets start a the beginning. When I was born… Okay… That is too far back. A few months back it was suggested that I step up an put my money where my mouth is.

You see, I was always testing out new stuff. In some cases I was trying to make my own solutions to common problems we all have. I am what you might call a well read, amateur chemist and inventor. For all the testing and tinkering I think I found my calling.

I have tested many tools, products and remedies over the years. I was only too happy to share the results of those test with friends. So writing my own testing blog makes a lot of since.

If you like the information and details of my articles and found them helpful please share them with your friends and like our pages. If you disagree please contact me and voice your difference. There are many ways to look at each of my tests. I try to be very comprehensive on all levels.

If you have a product that you would like me to review, I am all ears. Drop me a line and I would gladly take a look for you.