//Healthy Work Environment: Why It’s So Important

Healthy Work Environment: Why It’s So Important


Healthy Work Environment promotes positive outcomes in a stressful setting. It plays a vital role in influencing worker motivation and happiness by making them productive and efficient in everything they do. Health work environment is, therefore, beneficial for the company as it reduces costs related to turnover and absenteeism leading to high profits margins. There are also sites like https://youearnedit.com/employee-experience/blueprint-effective-employee-engagement/ that provides us a lot of information regarding this topic.

Healthy Work Environment: Why It’s So Important 

  Improves Productivity 

Healthy workers tend to feel better and hence have high levels of energy and endurance. They are, therefore, more capable of working extremely hard at their workstations. It is also common knowledge that a healthy work environment has a huge bearing on employee happiness. Firms that educate their employees on benefits of eating right and taking care of their bodies show their workers that they are appreciated. Employees who feel valued enjoy working and are always happy. Happy people are more productive.

Reduce employee turnover 

Turnover costs businesses dearly. Some studies have shown that the cost of losing a worker can be up to nine months of salary. So, when an organization loses more than ten employees at once, the cost multiplies itself over. The simplest way to avoid such an unfortunate scenario is to create a healthy work environment that will make employees feel contended. This way the company will retain all its valued employees and save money that would otherwise go to recruitment and training.

Prevents absenteeism   

Healthy workers are rarely absent. They are more motivated to work, spend more time in their desks, recover faster from their ailments and have less likelihood of developing chronic diseases. Organizations with healthy work environments, therefore, stand to make considerable cost savings; the rate at which their workers call out sick is very low. The healthier the work environment is, the healthier employees are. Healthy employees translate into steady productivity, consistent sales and reliable profits for the company.

Corporate Responsibility 

Customers not only expect business owners and directors to demonstrate health and wellbeing but all workers in the organization as well. Looking after your employees is one of the many ways of giving your company a positive image. Clients will know you mind your workers just like you mind their affairs. Cooperation’s and positive spirits while taking part in community charity walks and football leagues demonstrate healthy competition and cooperation to the entire community. This feat can easily be achieved when Healthy Work Environment is in place.

Reduce healthcare costs 

Obviously healthier workers, unlike sickly employees, visit the doctor less often. Consequently, they spend a small fraction of their salary on healthcare and get lower insurance rates. With more money to spend on what they like workers are more contented with their salaries and as such have an easy time to budget for their income. This clearly shows that maintaining a healthy work environment reduces the company’s healthcare expenditure in the long run.


Healthy Work Environment results in healthy employees. Healthy workers, in turn, make a huge contribution to the business’ productivity and positive impression to the entire society. The payoffs from reduced absenteeism and healthcare and turnover costs due to a healthy workforce are also immeasurable. Every organization must strive to create a Healthy Work Environment.

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