//How To Play Games On Mac

How To Play Games On Mac

Macs, in general, are not known for playing games. It is because PCs have a clear dominance when it comes to gaming.  But after 2006 when Mac changed to Intel Processors, the gaming abilities of Mac started to increase. In this article, we will discuss how to play games on a Mac.

Apple and Gaming

It is a fact that we need to accept that Apple and games are two words that really do not go well with each other. From the very beginning, Mac has never been able to gain a strong position in the gaming world. Macs were stronger in terms of performance, but gaming was still a huge question mark.  But in the last decade, there was a drastic change, and the tide is turning the other way.

Mac App Store

Roughly speaking there are more than 5000 games on the Mac App Store. Finding the games in the App Store is the simplest way to play games on a Mac. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. Do not be surprised if you come across some names that you are familiar with. All you need to do is search for the games that you want, and the App store displays the results based on the availability of the particular game. If you are searching for something new, there are good possibilities that you might not find one. It is because the game developers generally develop the games for PC as it is a comparatively bigger market. It will take a minimum of six months to one year for you find the game in the App Store after the launch.

Installing a game

If you are a person, who has already used the App Store or familiar with its functionality you know how easy it is to install a game from the App Store. All you need to do is a simple search for the game and select the tile that appears on the results. There is no manual installation, it starts downloading and is saved on your device. Once you have purchased it, you can also install the game in other Apple devices that have the same Apple ID.

Performance check

If you are running some heavy application simultaneously while playing games, it is necessary that you need to check the performance.  It is because there are good possibilities that you are pushing the limits of the device which might affect the overall performance.

To check the performance you need to launch the task manager mac. It is called as the activity monitor in Mac. To launch the activity monitor follow the instructions. Select the launch pad and then click the utility options and then click the Activity Monitor. When the activity monitor is launched, you will have a lot of options. To display the current CPU usage, choose window option and select CPU usage. To see the performance graph choose View, Dock Icon and select the option Show CPU usage.

Things you might encounter while playing games in Mac

These are some of the common things that you need to go through while playing games in a Mac. They are lack of major titles and lack of performance.

Lack of major tiles

As mentioned earlier, in the present situation game developers are very much interested in designing games for PCs. So normally the new games are not available for Mac.

Lack of performance

In general, Macs are not built for gaming purposes. The normal affordable Mac does not have a separate graphics card. Only the high-end Macs that cost more than 1500 dollars have a separate graphics card. So if you are playing a heavy game that demands a lot of graphics power you are more likely to experience a lot of interruptions during the game.

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