//Mobile Applications: How does the SHAREit app work?

Mobile Applications: How does the SHAREit app work?

Our smartphones might have a lot of apps. It is a fact that most of those apps are used for entertainment purposes. But there are only a few apps that are really useful.  Share It is one of those apps that will clinch the top spot in the list of useful apps.

Share It literally revolutionized file transfer from one device to another. Most of us will be able to recollect the moments when we used to wait hours together for the transfer of files of huge size. With Share It, we are able to do it within a few minutes. Now Shareit for pc latest version is available through which you can transfer files from your mobile to your pc. It is literally a boon to almost every smartphone user.

More Info

Share it app was found by Shareit Information and Technology Co.Ltd. The company was found in the year April 2015. With Share It, you can transfer almost all kinds of files that include photos, videos, music, contacts, and applications. As of now Share It app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. It supports thirty-nine languages. The app is now being used in nearly two hundred countries with almost 1.5 billion users around the world.

It is one of the best-rated apps in the Google Play Store. It holds the first place in app downloads in over forty countries. It is regarded as the nationally favored app of India, Russia, Africa, many Middle Eastern countries and Indonesia.

Working of Share it app

The basic concept

The basic concept of the working of Share It is networking. Either the sender or the receiver creates a Wi-Fi hotspot. Both get connected through the hotspot. Now a local network is formed between the sender and receiver. Both will have a separate IP address. Now the sender has to select the files that need to be sent and click the send button. The files from the sender are transferred through TCP, and now the receiver is identified with the IP address.

The high speed

The high-speed file transfer is mainly because the files are sent in chunks and you can see how much is being sent. The app actually optimizes the chunks and also reads the files that are being sent and writes it from the receivers end.

Factors that affect the file transfer speed

The speed might differ based on the distance between the two devices. It is because as the distance increases, the Wi-Fi signal strength decreases. Another important aspect that affects the speed of the file transfer is the reading speed from the storage of the sender and the writing speed on the storage of the receiver. As mentioned earlier Share It sends files in chunks, so the size of chunks that are being sent, also matters. The last but not the least is the bandwidth. The file transfer will be much quicker when the app can utilize the maximum bandwidth. There are a few things like apps which run background data that affect the device from using maximum bandwidth.

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